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Do you wish to consistently attract dream clients, make a bigger impact & have more freedom in life?

It's time to get clear on your messaging, confidently sell your offer and stand out in the industry...

...without spending hours on social media!
Does this sound familiar...?
You know you need to show up online... and you try to... But you get stuck on what to talk about, feel overwhelmed and eventually lose motivation.
Showing up on SM, but it feels like a waste of time… 

Spending hours in the DMs just to be ghosted as soon as you mention your offer.

Your sales are sporadic, sales calls felt hard and you've been shying away from pitching your offer from the fear of being told NO again
And you are desperately trying to find that missing piece and sometimes even wonder if you should give up on your dream of having a successful coaching business.
Actually, it makes you feel disappointed to be doing the work every day and not see results, and wondering if it’s all worth it
But deep inside you really want to make it work because you have a vision... And you really wish to continue making an an impact, earn more income and have the life of freedom you always dreamt off.
You are tired of seeing others showing up with confidence & selling out their programs while you remain in the same place
And you wish you could stop playing small, powerfully show up to serve your community, unapologetically share your message and sell with confidence in a way that feels  authentic for you and be seen as an authority that your prospects trust

Can you just imagine this….

 Waking up whenever you wanted to, doing a couple of hours work and spending the rest of the day hanging out with your dog and kids at the park or going out shopping with a friend.


Starting your day with excitement because you are working with high-vibe dream clients who inspire, motivate and energize you, because they are as excited to do the work. 

Having complete clarity on your ideal client, your messaging and your very own unique high-ticket program, which delivers amazing results, pays your bills and allow you to have the lifestyle of freedom


Having a proven step by step system to sell on repeat and never wondering what to say in a sales conversation, because you know exactly what type of impact your work can make. 

Showing up on videos with confidence, knowing that it’s helping you to connect with the right audience and feeling excited to share your authentic message with your audience. 

​Knowing exactly how to launch your high-ticket offer step by step and sign dream clients in between your launches too. 

Bringing back fun and excitement into your business because you know that the strategies you use and the actions you take are bringing tangible results. 


This can be you...

This is why I created my transformational group program The Stand Out Coach, where you will learn how to stand out as an expert in the industry, attract dream clients on repeat and sell out your high-ticket offer with confidence...

Here is what's inside The Stand Out Coach


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The Stand Out Coach (1).png
The Stand Out Coach (2).png

Inside The Stand Out Coach you will get my step by step formula to get you to success quicker and help take your coaching business to a whole new level in the next 3 months. 

MY CVS Method includes these pillars: 

CLARITY on your niche and ideal client, the problem you solve, the solution you provide (offer) and your program promise (results). You will refine and build your very own irresistible offer tailored to your ideal audience's needs and delivers amazing results. 

VISIBILITY so you can stand out in the industry by becoming more visible online, create content that incorporates sales psychology and does the selling for you, know where and how to reach the right audience. 

SALES process that converts, so you can build genuine relationships, learn how to qualify your prospects by asking the right questions and confidently sell your offer by positioning yourself as an expert.

You will also get tools to support your MINDSET, which is the foundation of my program that helps you create the vision of your dream life and business, sets you up for long-term success and allows you to show up as the leader you were always meant to be.

Just imagine these results in the next 90 days... 

You become massively visible to your ideal clients


You know exactly what to say during your sales conversations to qualify and sign your prospect


You create content that speaks to your ideal clients hearts and help you do the selling


You know how to position yourself as the go-to expert in the industry by showcasing your strengths


You will know how to communicate the value of your very own and unique high-ticket offer

TSOC group program is the roadmap to making this possible.

It's time to step into your full potential and make a bigger impact.

See what results my past clients have achieved with these strategies: 

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_divinely_bossy (2).png
_divinely_bossy (1).png
_divinely_bossy (4).png
_divinely_bossy (7).png
_divinely_bossy (5).png
_divinely_bossy (6).png
_divinely_bossy (8).png
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_divinely_bossy (10).png
_divinely_bossy (11).png

This program is FOR you if: 

You are ready to implement what you learn and do the work that will get you better results in your business


You are already showing up on video content and / or are ready to start being more visible online


 You are in it for the long term and crave to have a freedom lifestyle and a sustainable business 


You are excited about personal development & love investing time & energy into developing new skills

You would rather try & fail rather than not try at all because you want to be perfect

I've been in your shoes.... 


In the first few months of my coaching business, I struggled showing up on videos consistently and selling my high-ticket offer by telling myself "I am not good at sales"

I had a passive approach to sales by simply posting content and hoping that someone will drop into my DMs and ask me about my service. 

At the time, I had only sold a number of one-off sessions at a discounted price, which was not going to be sustainable in the long-run... and wondered if I should QUIT.

​But in Dec 2020 everything changed. Firstly, I got super clear about what I was passionate about, who I wanted to serve, what problem I was going to solve and the results I wanted to deliver.


Then, I created my unique offer that I knew would be the exact thing to help my clients achieve the transformation they need in order to achieve their goals. 

And finally, I have made a decision that I was going to show up consistently, build genuine relationships with my prospects and sell my offer on a regular basis. 

Making that decision and sticking to it changed not only my business but my life and created a big momentum in my business.

And it all started with deciding to finally take charge and do the things that actually mattered for the growth of my business, like showing up and asking for the sale every day. ​

In the process, I've created a proven framework to help me do that effortlessly, which I teach my clients in The Stand Out Coach program. 

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